4 years for regional cooperation

Unite Caribbean cooperation

Cooperation is not optional

The time is ripe for the Caribbean to collectively face 21st century’s main challenges. For 4 years, Unite Caribbean has built regional cooperation capacity of Caribbean stakeholders in terms of economic, social and environmental development and access to financing.

One core belief

Climate change, waste and water management, sustainable economic and social development, democratic and inclusive governance…, the Caribbean faces the same challenges. Similar issues, but with differences which complexify the Caribbean situation: a geographical basin comprising 40 countries and territories in a 1500km radius, separated by the sea, and showcasing a huge political, economic, linguistic, administrative and cultural diversity.

Caribbean countries and territories cannot face these 21st century challenges alone: isolated, none of the regional actors has the critical size to address them.

Unite Caribbean was created with this core belief: the urgnecy of the situation must foster collective action, gathering experts, local and international financing, and all development actors, both public and private.

4 years of dedicated support to Caribbean cooperation stakeholders

Since September 2017, Unite Caribbean has been a pioneer in its mission to promote cooperation between the different Caribbean countries.

In 4 years, Unite Caribbean has mobilised its teams of consultants and more than 30 associate experts on some forty contracts, with budgets varying from 20,000 to over 1,000,000 euros. Unite Caribbean intervened on cooperation subjects relating to sport , waste management , strengthening of local governance , infrastructure compliance, education and adaptation to climate change in areas as varied and complex as the French West Indies, Haiti, Saint Lucia and the OECS countries, as well as the Dutch overseas territories.

During its four years of existence, Unite Caribbean has contributed to bringing its unique expertise to the Caribbean: capacity building of public actors and civil society, feasibility studies, strategic repositioning of local actors and promotion of Caribbean expertise. Unite Caribbean has also created and implemented large-scale regional projects such as Support to civil society regional cooperation on Climate change (PAIRCC) or the first plastic waste collection and recycling system in the OECS region ( RePLAST OECS ) with a pilot phase in Saint Lucia.

An ambition for the long term

Unite Caribbean was built on two approaches, Consulting services and Project , which feed in and reinforce each other. Resolutely Caribbean, the company is positioned for the long term and is committed to recruiting and strengthening local skills to contribute to the inclusive development of the region. The team now has 12 permanent consultants, including the two founders Thomas Chollet and Damien Bauchau. In addition to its two subsidiaries in Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia, the company has opened representative offices in Haiti, St. Martin / Sint Maarten and Canada which give it a real regional coverage and anchoring.

For the future, Unite Caribbean aims to consolidate its expertise in new territories, in particular Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & amp; Tobago, Belize, or the Guyana Plateau.

The ambition? Become the key Caribbean player in international cooperation in four core sectors for the Caribbean: Environment and Climate , Water and Waste, Governance and Economic and Social , relying in particular on a strategy of investment in systems and resources human resources to continue integrating Caribbean skills; and by ensuring that the sustainable and inclusive development of the Caribbean is carried out by the best connoisseurs of the Caribbean.

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