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A very promising start for Unite Caribbean, which has successfully positioned itself on new missions: new clients and new territories on the horizon.

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Unite Caribbean Group is for the first time an institutional partner in two Interreg Caribbean projects.

Unite Caribbean SAS is an institutional partner of the CarNet’Adapt project led by ADEME, which aims to create a Caribbean network for climate resilience. Phase 1 of this project focuses on the networking of stakeholders in the resilient food and agriculture sector.

Unite Caribbean Ltd is an extra-European partner in the MAGHIC project led by Farwind Energy. MAGHIC is exploring the possibilities of production, storage and local outlets for the distribution of green hydrogen, manufactured offshore via wind-powered vessels.

An in-depth sports diagnosis

Unite Caribbean has signed two consecutive contracts with DRAJES to carry out the diagnosis of sports facilities in Guadeloupe. After an initial identification phase and extensive consultations with local stakeholders, the teams were commissioned to assess the impact of sport on employment in Guadeloupe.

The water and waste sector offers great opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago and St Eustatius

At the end of 2022, the Unite Caribbean and SEURECA consortium was confirmed as the technical implementation partner of the Recycle OECS project, financed by AFD in partnership with the OECS. As an extension of the RePLAST OECS pilot project, this mission aims to further integrate plastic collection and recycling on a regional scale.

In Trinidad and Tobago, teams are working with the Cropper Foundation to develop a baseline study on the recycling and conversion of consumer waste to provide recommendations on the development of circular economy activities.

Finally, in Saint Eustatius, an assessment of the existing wastewater treatment systems will provide recommendations for improving the processes in place in order to comply with the recommendations of the Environmental Policy Plan (2020).

Several active contracts in Haiti

Unite Caribbean is continuing its activities in Haiti, with several missions underway:

– a gender diagnosis of the airport sector

– a GCCA+ project with a public policy component to strengthen climate governance in Haiti and promote its integration into budget planning, an environmental component to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and reduce climate risks in coastal areas, and a social component to ensure energy security for rural households.

– The preparation of the annual monitoring and evaluation report on the indicators of the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPRC) for the Climate Investment Fund.

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