A successful study visit in Martinique

study visit in Martinique

Unite Caribbean organised a 5-days study visit for 12 French Gateways to Global Careersin Martinique, to meet local business and develop ideas for increased cooperation between the islands.

3 Clear goals

From July 4th to 8th, the 12 students, enrolled in the French Gateways to Global Career, confronted their theoretical knowledge with the realities of cooperation on the ground. An integral part of the French Gateways to Global Career curriculum, the study visit had 3 clear objectives
(i) equip the students with knowledge and insights to work on their business creation project, another mandatory part of the curriculum;
(ii) give them opportunities to look for an internship; and
(iii) present them with a range of educational prospects in in Martinique.

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A very busy schedule

The students therefore had a busy schedule. The planned meeting, happening in French, English and Creole, allowed them to meet with key actors in the agriculture business, like the GBH group, with brand names Cl√©ment and JM, the tourism sector, like the Karibea Group, agrotourism with Bio-Ka√Įl, educational institutions with Universit√© des Antilles and the SkillFor Campus, start-up incubators with LeVillage by CA and Martinique Digitale. The students also discussed with the Martinique Chamber of Commerce and Industry about potential support for new businesses. During their study visit, they met with Saint Lucian working in Martinique, who shared their experience studying and working abroad.

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100% satisfaction

Both students and partners were delighted by the exchange and the opportunities presented by the study visit. For some students, it means exploring the possibilities to study at Université des Antilles; for others, investigating the options to create a start-up company jointly with a Martinique-based partner. Partners were thrilled to share their knowledge and to meet with such a motivated crowd and are looking forward to potential internship openings.

Fabrice Terrier, Unite Caribbean‚Äôs project manager, commented that ‚ÄúThe trip was designed to present students with employment opportunities, to provide them with the keys to develop a business with Martinique and to open further study possibilities. It successfully achieved its three objectives.‚ÄĚ For the SALCC, the study visit highlighted the opportunities to develop business and educational cooperation between the two islands.

The “French Gateway to Global Careers” programme is co-created and managed by Unite Caribbean, a regional consulting firm aiming to promote the sustainable development of the Caribbean through regional cooperation. It is offered as an additional training by the Sir Arthur Lewis College, and funded by the French cooperation through the French Embassy for the OECS countries based in Saint Lucia. For Christel Outreman, French cooperation manager at the French Embassy in Saint Lucia “This study visit is a great, practical example of cultural and professional exchange between Saint Lucian students and well-established French organisations in Martinique.”

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