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Our Vision

Climate change, waste and water management, governance and sustainable economic and social development are major challenges for the Caribbean today. The region comprises more than 40 territories within 1500 km, with populations varying from 2000 in Saba to around 12 million in Cuba or Haiti, and economies ranging from high to low-income countries. Such diversity lowers the capacity of a single State to face these challenges by themselves. Cooperation between stakeholders is therefore necessary to design and implement efficient regional and local solutions.

Unite Caribbean brings its expertise across linguistic and territorial borders to support regional cooperation projects, foster the conditions for improved knowledge and experience sharing and promote the sustainable development of the region.

Strengthen, unite, implement are Unite Caribbean key messages for a more prosperous and resilient Caribbean.

Our Approach

Unite Caribbean’s identity is defined by its unique mission: answer the caribbean challenges by developing regional cooperation, encouraging networking and knowledge sharing.

Unite Caribbean relies on two complementary skills to promote and support cooperation in the Caribbean:

These two competencies complement and enhance each other. They make us unique. They are our core strength.

We focus on 4 sectors:

Our values

Unite Caribbean’s actions are based on several fundamental principles:

As a social economy firm, Unite Caribbean apply business principles and efficiency to achieving social and societal objectives, and its corporate purpose is specifically to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the Caribbean.

Unite Caribbean apply these principles internally, giving a priority to gender equity, the promotion of diversity and its leadership pledge to cap salaries and to limit salaries gap within the team.

The climate and environmental commitment of Unite Caribbean is not limited to advising local and regional actors or implementing projects. The firm developed strict guidelines in terms of sorting and recycling waste, and, mindful of its carbon footprint, Unite Caribbean carries out the necessary actions to limit its carbon emissions and compensate them.

Finally, Unite Caribbean established strict social distancing protocols and promotes working from home to ensure the well-being of its teams during the COVID19 pandemic.


    We promote regional cooperation


    We rely on a dual complementary approach


    We are present all across the region

Consulting services and Projects

Geographical Scope

We advise our partners and implement projects in the entire Caribbean region.


Our Team

Unite Caribbean was born at the heart of the Caribbean with the ambition to contribute to the sustainable development of the region by promoting stakeholders and countries cooperation. The firm’s strength rely on its core senior staff and a trusted network of specialised experts. Unite Caribbean team gathers talents and years of experience in policy design, cooperation projects, international development aid, and civil society organisations.

Damien Bauchau Co-founder - Director Governance and Civil Society
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Damien Bauchau

Damien Bauchau has 22 years of professional experience in international cooperation and development in Sub Saharan Africa and the Caribbean honed with international NGOs, development agencies and the French diplomacy. He holds a Master degree in urban and local developement and organisations’ management. Damien brings to Unite Caribbean his robust knowledge in local governance, civil society strengthening, project and networks development.

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Emilie Bernard

Cléa Brunette Project Assistant
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Cléa Brunette

Cléa Brunette is a cooperation project assistant for Unite Caribbean. Trained in overseas cooperation, she acquired knowledge in grants, projects and community management. A passionate Caribbean, she holds a Master in International and Environmental strategies for overseas territories and two bachelors degree in Law and Foreign languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese). Cléa speaks five languages, loves travelling and physical activities. She is very involved with local civil society organisations and is constantly looking for new challenges to take on.

Alissa Charles Finance & Contracts Officer
Saint Lucia
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Alissa Charles

Alissa Charles serves in the capacity of Finance and Contracts Officer with Unite Caribbean Ltd. She has over five years’ experience in the accounting field, which spans from the private sector to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). She is currently pursuing the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Qualification as she aspires to be a Chartered Accountant in the long term. Alissa enjoys hiking and camping during her free time. She lives by the famous words of Helen Keller, ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ Alissa brings to Unite Caribbean her unique accounting skills along with her enthousiasm.

thomas1 copie
Thomas Chollet Co-founder & CEO
United States
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Thomas Chollet

An experienced international development professional and entrepreneur, Thomas Chollet is the co-founder and CEO of Unite Caribbean. Prior to Unite Caribbean, Thomas was Deputy Director-General of the French Technical Agency for International Development (AFD Group) where he developed industry-specific strategies for the agency’s operations to become a major international development company. He developed expertise in institutional capacity building and public sector reforms working both as an international development consultant and for the French Government. His interests include community development and youth involvement into international development. Thomas is a member of the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants, and hold two Master’s degrees, in Industrial Engineering and in Public Administration.

Kénel Delusca Director Environment and Climate
Haiti/ Canada
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Kénel Delusca

Kénel Délusca has more than 15 years of experience as an independent consultant and researcher on climate change issues, environmental management, and agriculture in different regions of the World, notably in the Caribbean. He was one of the Lead Author of the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography with a specialisation in Climatology and Climate Change from the Université de Montréal. As hobbies, he likes sports and the beautiful Caribbean beaches. He brings to Unite Caribbean his diversified experience and knowledge as well as his large network within the Caribbean region. He is fluent in Creole, Spanish, French, and English.

McAllister Hunt Consultant - Field Operations
Saint Lucia
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McAllister Hunt

An environmental enthusiast and former CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Mc.Allister Hunt is a Certified Photographer and Content Marketer with a keen interest in development at the community and regional levels. Given his experience executing environmental projects in St. Lucia at the grassroots level, as well as working with regional entities including CARICOM & CDEMA, Mc.Allister brings unique insights on regional development issues and opportunities to Unite Caribbean. For Mc.Allister, “creatively capturing progress is essential to its continuity.”

Yorick Mames Consultant
Saint Martin/ Sint Marteen
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Yorick Mames

Yorick Mames is a consultant at Unite Caribbean, he is involved in the implementation of consulting contracts and grant projects. Over the course of his young career, he has developed expertise in conducting surveys and analysing public policies. He holds a master’s degree in political science in development and international cooperation and is passionate about Caribbean sociological issues.

Maryline Mangenot Manager - Communication, Advocacy and Gender
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Maryline Mangenot

Maryline Mangenot has more than 15 years of experience in designing and implementing communications and advocacy campaigns at the highest level in non-governmental organisations in France, Thailand and South Africa. She holds a Masters in Political Science and pursues a MSc in Sustainable Development at University College Dublin. Maryline enjoys traveling and trail riding. She brings to Unite Caribbean her international experience and expertise in strategic communications, public campaigning and advocacy along with in-depth knowledge of civil society and gender issues.

Fabrice Terrier
Fabrice Terrier
Fabrice Terrier Consultant - Education and Economic Development
Saint Lucia
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Fabrice Terrier

Fabrice Terrier holds a BA in Political Sciences from Laval University and is passionate about international relations and music. He lived in 9 different countries in Europe, Africa and North America. Fabrice worked for 2 years for the French Chamber of Commerce in Canada before becoming an advisor for the Quebec Development agency where he supported educational institutions in their international recruitment strategies. Fabrice brings to Unite Caribbean its strong knowledge of the educational sector and of international development strategies.

Marine Florimont ACP Environnement Project Officer
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Marine Florimont

Marine Florimont, is ACP Environnement’ s project officer. She worked as a tourism project manager at CAUE Ardèche. She works in collaboration with Unite Caribbean in order to implement and strengthen the sustainable development projects of ACP Environment for Guadeloupe and the Caribbean. She has a Master’s degree in Tourism and sustainable environmental development and Caribbean biodiversity. Fascinated by her island, she also likes hiking as much as discovering our amazing Earth. She has learned to blend tourism development and protection of the environment and she offers this expertise to Unite Caribbean and ACP Environment.

Irène Victoire Accounting officer
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Irène Victoire

Irène Victoire is trained in accounting and business management. She developed robust competencies in supporting caribbean SMEs in their accounting and management processes for the last 25 years. She brings to Unite Caribbean her unique knowledge in terms of tax, social and financial management.


Join our team to contribute to the sustainable development of the Caribbean! 

Unite Caribbean is headquartered in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, with a branch in St Lucia, Unite Caribbean Ltd.  

With its in-depth knowledge of Caribbean expertise, Unite Caribbean also works with a network of experts around the region: OECS member States, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Dutch-speaking countries and European overseas territories.



Join the Unite Caribbean network to develop and implement regional cooperation projects, explore and disseminate Caribbean know-how, and build lasting links between territories. 

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