Accelerating Change in Water and Waste Management: Insights from the 32nd Caribbean Water Conference

Water and Waste Management

Ronald Roach, Director of Water and Waste, and Yorick Mames, Senior Consultant at Unite Caribbean, participated in the 32nd annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association. The conference was held in Georgetown, Guyana from October 23rd to October 27th, around the theme “Accelerating Change in the Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste Sector.” This provided an excellent opportunity for members of the Unite Caribbean team to engage with key stakeholders in the field of water, wastewater, and waste management and learn about the latest developments taking place in the sector.

In particular, Mr. Roach also facilitated the 7th High-Level Forum for Waste Management. This forum brought together several Ministers responsible for Waste Management, Solid Waste Management Authorities of 18 Caribbean countries, as well as regional organizations such as CARICOM and OECS, and experts and key development partners, including the EU, AFD, GIZ, JICA, UNEP, IDB, and CDB.

During this forum, partners reiterated their commitment to enhancing waste management throughout the Caribbean region. The group recognized the need for improved cooperation and agreement on regional approaches to waste management. They also established the Waste Management Specialist Group to serve as a platform for improved regional collaboration and information sharing.

The Caribbean is rapidly evolving, and there is a growing need for sustainable waste and water management solutions. The importance of proper waste management cannot be overstated, especially in a region where there is an increasing demand for efficient use of resources, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and recycling, which can enhance environmental conservation. Furthermore, water management is a crucial aspect of Caribbean development, given that water scarcity is a growing issue in the region. As such, governments must focus their attention on addressing and implementing sustainable solutions for water and waste management.

Unite Caribbean is a consultancy firm that specializes in addressing the region’s challenges in sectors such as environment and climate, governance, waste and water, and economic and social development. The organization aims to promote regional collaboration through its consulting missions and projects that facilitate sustainable development in the Caribbean and are aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Unite Caribbean’s participation in the annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association conference and the High-Level Forum for Waste Management highlights its commitment to address the issues of sustainable development in the Caribbean. The conference’s theme and forum’s discussions underscored the importance of collaboration and cooperation and the role that stakeholders can play in promoting sustainable waste and water management.

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