Waste and water management issues are key for Caribbean territories with limited size and resources. Pollution, bad governance and droughts worsen the lack of freshwater in the region. Cooperation is necessary to share common experiences and best practices and move forward together towards SDG 6 “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. Regarding waste management, Caribbean territories could benefit from achieving SDG 12 “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns” and particularly 12.3, 12.4 and 12.5 targets. The region indeed doesn’t feature adequate sorting, treatment, and recycling facilities particularly regarding plastics. Plastic pollution threatens drinking water resources while blocking streams and damaging ecosystems and touristic activities.

Unite Caribbean supports public and private actors to find relevant solutions for water and waste management through its expertise in consulting and project management.

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We offer consulting services and manage projects in the entire Caribbean basin.

Design an Implementation Plan for Organic Waste Curbside Collection and Valorization – Pilot Project

This Project aims to expand pilot municipal curbside recycling and organics management in the targeted municipalities through the separate collection and composting of organic waste, taking advantage of digitalization, and promoting citizen participation, with behavioral change techniques, and seeking the financial sustainability of these innovative source separation schemes.

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Baseline Study towards Circular Economy in Trinidad and Tobago

A baseline assessment of current recycling activities and the provision of recommendations for development of circular economy activities in Trinidad and Tobago

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Statia Wastewater Research Project

An overview of possible systems and associated infrastructure for the efficient collection, transport, and treatment of household and industrial wastewater on St Eustatius.

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