Caribbean Regional Cooperation

The Caribbean region has many development issues, which are often exacerbated by the region’s vulnerability to climate change.  The main development issues must be addressable using a collective approach - establishing rapports and dialogue among Caribbean territories - combining the shared interests and benefits of all stakeholders.

Analysing the assets of the Caribbean territories makes it possible to identify their singularities in terms of skills, knowledge, expertise with high added value. Analysis also makes it possible to note the lack of extra-territorial exploitation of these assets, which can be addressed by strengthening inter-island cooperation actions. 

These perspectives of multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation (public, private, civil society) are also part of a Caribbean institutional context which constitutes an active regional integration zone with a large number of sub-regional organisations (OECS, ACS, CARICOM). They have identified economic development and the strengthening of regional cooperation as a major challenge in creating an effective regional development area.

This regional cooperation framework and the affirmed willingness to join it create considerable collaboration opportunities, for which UNITE Caribbean is ready to offer its expertise to address the multiplicity of challenges, often related to reconciling the administrative, legal and linguistic differences among the territories.

Fostering regional cooperation by creating lasting relations among Caribbean partners is at the heart of UNITE Caribbean’s interventions, which therefore promotes the centres of excellence and expertise specific to each territory. 
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