Implementation of Regional Technical Projects

UNITE Caribbean’s knowledge of the challenges of sustainable development in the Caribbean, competent actors and existing technical solutions gives it a unique position in the Caribbean to play an active role in addressing the region’s many development challenges.

In addition to its consultation services, UNITE Caribbean takes the initiative to mobilise funding and develop and implement projects in partnership with other Caribbean actors.

As a project implementation operator, UNITE Caribbean helps to develop and disseminate new regional technical solutions, specific to the Caribbean context, particularly in the following sectors:
  • Preserving and enhancing the environment and biodiversity
  • Developing economic activities at the community level, including sustainable tourism and circular economy
  • Strengthening local governance, particularly in sustainable urban planning
  • Implementing the WASH programme

UNITE Caribbean, therefore offers its project management skills to conduct concrete, replicable and sustainable actions to contribute to the Caribbean's social and economic development
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