To Bring Territories Together

The Caribbean is made up of more than 30 countries and remote territories with up to 3000km separating them, and  with populations ranging from 1800 inhabitants in Saba to nearly 12 million in Cuba or Haiti. Economic wealth is disparate, intra-Caribbean trade is weak, and the economies of the territories show very little diversity.

Yet, Caribbean territories have similar development problems which can only be resolved through regional cooperation. Reducing the vulnerability of Caribbean territories to climate change is a particularly powerful driving force for regional, cross-cutting cooperation around sectors that impact the entire region. These include: public health, the environment, population and infrastructure security, economic continuity and education.

UNITE Caribbean responds to the need to bring Caribbean territories closer together through cooperation and the sharing of expertise by creating the conditions for sustainable economic and social development in the region - transcending linguistic boundaries and political affiliations.

Cognizant of the challenges of the Caribbean territories, we believe in the promotion of regional partnerships and the creation of a Caribbean technical cooperation unit. Strengthening, Uniting, Implementing, are the daily actions of UNITE Caribbean for a resilient and prosperous Caribbean.


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