Who are we ?

As a Caribbean cooperation and development consulting firm, UNITE Caribbean supports the social and economic development of Caribbean territories through regional technical cooperation.

As specialists in conceptualising and managing international cooperation projects, UNITE Caribbean responds to the challenges of the Caribbean by networking and sharing the knowledge of public and private actors in the region and by promoting Caribbean expertise across linguistic boundaries.

We support and implement cooperation & development projects in the Caribbean

  • We offer consultation and technical support to public and private actors who wish to develop and implement their own cooperation projects in the Caribbean: defining cooperation strategy, drawing up projects, identifying and networking with Caribbean partners, accessing funding, supporting project implementation.
  • We facilitate the development of the Caribbean’s capacity to respond to regional markets for study, advice and technical assistance: monitoring market opportunities, establishing a network of Caribbean expertise which wishes to position itself on the markets, response to offers, establishing markets.
  • Launch of initiatives and management of cooperation projects initiated and promoted by UNITE Caribbean in partnership with other Caribbean actors:  response to calls for projects, mobilisation of grants, sponsorship…

Our actions are based on strong ethical principles
  • Knowledge sharing and dissemination of information on actions already implemented
  • Transparency and accountability to our partners
  • Development of an approach aimed at honing the skills of actors and developing their self-reliance capacity in the medium and long-term.
  • Requirement to evaluate our actions using outcome-based performance indicators

Our areas of activity

The projects in which UNITE Caribbean is involved encompass all sectors which are of paramount importance to Caribbean:
  • Public Governance, Local Governance
  • Climate Change, Environment, Biodiversity, Agriculture
  • Youth, Education, Sport
  • Energy, Infrastructure, Transport
  • Urban Development & Land use Planning
  • Public Health
  • Local Economic Development, Tourism

The corporate objective and governance of UNITE Caribbean are inscribed in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

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