VIE Research Analyst for Growth Strategy in the Dominican Republic 


Location: Dominican Republic (SANTO DOMINGO)

Duration:  September 01, 2024 to August 31, 2025 (12 months)

Institution: Unite Caribbean

Salary: ‚ā¨2,241.00 gross per month


POSITION & MISSION – Job Description

Unite Caribbean is a consulting firm specializing in sustainable development and international cooperation in the Caribbean. Founded in 2017, Unite Caribbean is committed to supporting the social, economic, and environmental development of the 26 countries and 17 dependencies of the Caribbean Basin.

Unite Caribbean Group’s multicultural teams of consultants, positioned in its offices in Barbados, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Sint Maarten/Sint Maarten, and Haiti, provide unique expertise in consulting and delivery of development projects. Our team works in key areas for the region such as: governance, water and waste management, climate change adaptation, as well as social and economic development.


The Unite Caribbean Group is built on two types of pillars:

A consulting activity to support and participate in the strategic reflections of public and private clients, including the realization of studies, benchmarks, strategic documents, etc.

An NGO activity aimed at helping in a sustainable way the professionalization of local actors through the implementation of projects subsidized by donors. 


Your mission falls within these two fields of action in order to expand the activities of the Unite Caribbean group in the Dominican Republic. Placed in a transversal manner within the various departments of Unite Caribbean, you will be the first consultant within Unite Caribbean to work in the Dominican Republic where you will work independently and occupy the position of Research Officer of Growth Strategy and Business Development in  the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean with a view to opening a permanent office in the Dominican Republic, with the following main missions:


  1. Consolidate and implement the strategic market penetration study in the Dominican Republic :
    • Organize and oversee activities related to market penetration in the Dominican Republic to ensure their consistency and effectiveness;
    • Mapping potential customers and partners for the Unite Caribbean group in the Dominican Republic;
    • Plan and conduct B2C and B2B interviews to assess opportunities for collaboration with local stakeholders;
    • Evaluate the office options available in the Dominican Republic and choose the one that best suits the needs of the project.


2. Compile files for responses to calls for tenders:

    • Identify relevant tenders for Unite Caribbean Group’s activities in the Dominican Republic;
    • Gather the necessary information for the preparation of responses to calls for tenders;
    • Organize business development missions for the company’s colleagues in the Dominican Republic, facilitating the connection with potential customers and partners on site.


3. Monitor local initiatives and consolidate an activity database:

    • Regularly monitor initiatives and projects of interest to the Unite Caribbean Group and ensure communication with stakeholders;
    • Update and consolidate the database of prospects and potential partners;
    • Prepare detailed activity reports for the CEO and Unite Caribbean department directors, providing information on progress made and challenges encountered.


4. Perform all tasks associated with business development in the Dominican Republic.


You will also be fully integrated into the other activities and life of the company through:


  1. Writing project proposals and responding to calls for funding projects in the Unite Caribbean group’s area of intervention;
  2. An active involvement in cross-functional activities of communication, capitalization of experiences and sharing of knowledge within the company and the group.


Physically based in the Dominican Republic to prefigure the opening of a permanent office of the Unite Caribbean Group, you would work under remote supervision with the CEO of Unite Caribbean as well as with the consultants involved in the development of the group’s activities, based in the offices of Barbados, Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. You will also work remotely with Unite Caribbean’s teams, who will also be involved in the management and implementation of the Dominican Republic business development project remotely. You will work independently in the field to achieve the set business development objectives. You will represent UC in the Dominican Republic in order to introduce the team members to the territory.



You are a young professional with 2 to 3 years of experience in international business development, particularly in the Dominican Republic or at least in Central America or the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

You want to engage in a mission that will allow you to:

  1. Contribute to the business development of a pan-Caribbean company;
  2. Work in an international context in multicultural and multilingual teams in an island environment;
  3. Bring your experience to develop new activities within a dynamic and growing company;
  4. Travel frequently to the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.



The expected required qualifications are as follows:

  1. Perfect command of written and spoken Spanish (C2 or bilingual), aptitude in English and French desired (B1/B2 minimum);
  2. Professional, academic or personal experience in Spanish, in the Dominican Republic or at least in Central America or the Spanish-speaking Caribbean ;
  3. Graduate of a master’s degree (Bac+5) from a business engineering school, or equivalent university degree in business development;
  4. Demonstrated excellent ability to work independently in an international context and strong organizational capacity;
  5. 2 to 3 years of experience in a company as a development project manager or manager with public, private or associative actors;
  6. Autonomy and capacity for initiative;
  7. Excellent presentation and oral communication skills;
  8. Strong writing and reporting skills.

The following will be considered as a plus:

  1. Knowledge of the world of cooperation and management of development projects within NGOs or consulting firms;
  2. Good understanding of the private sector;
  3. Good understanding of the non-profit sector on a personal or academic basis;
  4. Skills in project facilitation and operational coordination.