Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Criteria

How do we define sustainable tourism today? Shouldn’t tourism by its very nature contribute to the preservation of our ecosystems, the sustainable economic development of our territories, and the enhancement of our cultural heritage? There should be no sustainable tourism, green tourism, community tourism, etc. Tourism, by its very definition, encompasses all of these!

The Caribbean is one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Its attractiveness is based primarily on the richness of its landscapes and ecosystems. Yet, these very ecosystems are each year more and more exposed to and affected by the consequences of climate change.

How can we support local stakeholders in promoting environmentally-friendly tourism and developing a product that is aligned with the sustainable development of their territory?

It is against this background that UNITE Caribbean brought stakeholders from five Caribbean territories together to build criteria grids that are adapted to the sustainable tourism issues facing the Caribbean, for stakeholders in the Caribbean Basin. More info


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