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Composed of international cooperation consultants and sectoral expert members, UNITE Caribbean is moulding the Caribbean of tomorrow! Promoting Caribbean skills, disseminating expertise, facilitating the establishment of lasting relations. Such are the values of UNITE Caribbean!

Become an international cooperation consultant
Join the UNITE Caribbean team by sharing your Caribbean vision and expertise in conceptualising and implementing international cooperation projects! You will help develop and implement regional cooperation projects, explore and disseminate Caribbean expertise, and establish lasting relations among territories. 

Become a sector expert member
Join the UNITE Caribbean team by sharing your Caribbean vision and sectoral expertise! You will contribute to the concrete implementation of technical cooperation actions, the emergence of development projects, and through your network of contacts, the identification of potential financing and sectoral networks to be mobilised.

Become a partner
An opportunity to develop strategic alliances, expand your Caribbean network and promote your organisation regionally and internationally! UNITE Caribbean establishes strategic partnerships with public and private organisations that are engaged in Caribbean cooperation and development

Join our team of experts on our cooperation and development consultation projects in the Caribbean

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