Assessment of the PMAC


February 2024






Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities (MICT)

This programme evaluation mission is part of the PMAC initiatives led by the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities (MICT), with the essential support of Expertise France’s Urbayiti component.

The PMAC, led by the MICT/DCT, aims to modernise Haiti’s communal administrations, strengthening their capacity to respond to the needs of citizens. Expertise France, through its Urbayiti component, has provided substantial support for local urban management and the implementation of municipal operations. This collaboration involved 6 municipalities: Port-au-Prince, Beaumont, Dame Marie, Les Cayes and Jérémie.

Unite Caribbean’s mission is to evaluate the PMAC scheme, specifically highlighting Urbayiti’s experience, with an in-depth field analysis of the beneficiaries in the various target municipalities. The main objective of this evaluation is to analyse the results and impact of the PMAC, in order to formulate perspectives and essential recommendations for future modernisation schemes.


For more information, please contact Damien Bauchau.

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