Coaching for the SEPANGUY Association


February 2024


French Guiana




Anyama Foundation

Unite Caribbean, commissioned by the Anyama Foundation, undertook a nine-month mission to advise and support the SEPANGUY Association in its development and structuring. This strategic approach covers a number of key areas, including strengthening the economic model, capitalising on data, integrating new staff and communicating with institutional partners.

Drawing on its wealth of experience in building the capacity of civil society organisations, Unite Caribbean is committed to implementing these activities, paying particular attention to close collaboration with the SEPANGUY Association. SEPANGUY is in the process of developing a new strategy in preparation for its 60th anniversary in 2024 and will benefit from Unite Caribbean’s support in realising this ambitious strategic vision.

This collaboration between Unite Caribbean and SEPANGUY demonstrates not only the organisation’s deep commitment to the development of Guyanese associative life, but also its ability to offer specialised and personalised support.


For more information, please contact Yorick Mames.

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