Elaboration of the territorial sports diagnosis of Guadeloupe

sports diagnosis Guadeloupe - children playing football


February 2023




Governance and civil society


Conférence Régionale du Sport (CRdS), POP’S Agency

Mandated by the regional conference of sport of Guadeloupe (CRdS) installed in March 2022, Unite Caribbean had the mission to carry out the territorial sports diagnosis (DST) of Guadeloupe making the inventory of the offer (regardless the type of sports), the infrastructures, and the training as regards sports in Guadeloupe by the analysis of existing resources and the production of qualitative and quantitative data.

More precisely, the study mission consisted in
• Analysis of documentary resources.
• The collection of complementary field data through the organisation of individual interviews and focus groups with key players of the sport sector.
• The organisation and facilitation meetings to share the elements of the diagnosis in consultation with the CRDS and Guadeloupean sport stakeholders.

Unite Caribbean’s territorial presence and knowledge of the different facilitated the implementation of a participatory study in consultation with the actors from the sport sector. The territorial sports diagnosis, which highlighted the major issues limiting the development of sport on the archipelago, was favourably received by the stakeholders.

This document elaborated in the framework of this contract will contribute to the conception of the territorial sports action plan which is a reflection on the practice of sport in the territory and defines the priority areas of development that can be financed within the framework of the proposals of the conference of funders.


For more information, please contactYorick Mamès ou Damien Bauchau .

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