Creation of a regional civil society network in the French West Indies


2017 - 2018


Martinique; Guadeloupe




Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)

Many actors in Guadeloupe and Martinique have historically been involved in international solidarity actions, in particular regional cooperation actions involving partners in Caribbean third countries.

In the absence of an exhaustive census, the State services count several dozen actors in each of the territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique, regularly involved in solidarity and humanitarian cooperation actions. These are local authorities, associations, public institutions, schools, vocational and university training structures.

For several years, with the support of mechanisms such as the FCR, local actors have been keen to engage in solidarity and cooperation actions in the regional space, although they have difficulty structuring themselves due in particular to a lack of coordination, information and training, advisory support and networking with key contacts.

It is in this context that a mission of the Delegation for the External Action of Local Authorities of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs was organised in Guadeloupe and Martinique in April 2017 during which the structuring of Regional Multi-Stakeholder Networks (RRMA) was discussed. The sharing of the usefulness, even the need to build this type of network was unanimously supported by the actors in both territories. The need to lead and support the emergence of these networks around unifying projects has also proved essential to their structuring.

The general objective of providing support and technical assistance for the emergence of RNAMs is to build in each of the territories a capacity for coordination, training and networking of cooperation actors in order to enrich cooperation projects, improve their quality and thus have a real impact on the results of actions, but also to allow more direct exchanges with government services and diplomatic representations in the Caribbean region.

Unite Caribbean ensures the implementation of technical assistance and methodological support for the structuring of networks. The CORECA association (Guadeloupe) and the University of the West Indies (Martinique) are leading the process and financing a digital visibility tool.


For more information, please contact Damien Bauchau.

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