Evaluation and economic study of the “Sport for Hope Centre” in Haiti


May – July 2018




Economic and social


International Olympic Committee

The “Sport for Hope” centre in Haiti, funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its technical and financial partners, is part of the “Sport for Hope” programme, a joint initiative of the IOC, the Olympic Movement and partner governments.

The IOC has thus committed itself, after conducting its first experiment in Zambia in 2010, to implementing a similarly large-scale project in Haiti in partnership with the government, the Haitian Olympic Committee, the International Sports Federations, the Olympic Movement and donors, in particular the Inter-American Development Bank.

A Haitian foundation “Sport for Hope” has been created to ensure the management and general administration of the centre. It receives a substantial annual grant from the IOC which has enabled it to cover the centre’s operating costs, recruit staff and develop sporting activities: 1) for the benefit of Haitian sports federations, 2) for the benefit of schoolchildren, 3) for the benefit of young people in the context of sports camps, 4) at cultural and sporting events or events.

Four years after the official inauguration of the “Sport Centre for Hope” in Haiti and its implementation, the Sport Foundation for Hope, which manages and manages the governance and management of the centre, is calling for an inventory to be carried out, an analysis of the functionality of the centre in all its components and the development of sustainable solutions in terms of both governance and operation. The objective is on the one hand to be able to transfer full responsibility for the management and steering of the infrastructure to Haitian stakeholders, but also to find a sustainable economic model that will allow the IOC to gradually disengage financially while finding a viable balance to allow sports activities to develop.

Unite Caribbean’s support for this mission is divided into 6 steps:
– Document collection and analysis of all available documents (statutes, internal regulations, activity reports, job descriptions, mission reports, financial statements, etc.)
– The preparation and organization of a first mission to Haiti devoted to the diagnostic report of the inventory and analysis of the functioning of the centre.
– The drafting of the diagnostic report of the inventory of fixtures and analysis
– Development of the recommendations and action plan 2018-2022
– LThe drafting of the recommendation report including the optimal technical and operational organization for the centre
– LThe compilation of the two reports (inventory of conditions/analysis and recommendations/action plans) into a global report that will constitute the final deliverable of the study.


For more information contact Damien Bauchau.

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