Project for the development of the associative and civic life of Saint Martin

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Collectivité de Saint-Martin ; Fondation de France

In 2020, the Fondation de France launched a pilot scheme to support associations which it subsidised, through a partnership with the company Unite Caribbean and ISMA. In order to capitalise and perpetuate this pilot experience, Unite Caribbean, accompanied by the Fondation de Francehas asked the Collectivité for a partnership to consolidate the system. The ambition is to contribute to the structuring of associative and civic life in the territory.

The logic of the implementation of phase 2 of the project is structured by a collaborative work and the increase in skills of the agents of the COM and ISMA/DLA in a perspective of appropriation of the methods and sustainability of the support to the associations of Saint-Martin. This implementation logic also allows the withdrawal of a “functional” position of Unite Caribbean in the assistance to associations. This phase is based on 3 objectives:

To ensure the transmission of implementation methods and tools developed in the pilot phase
To accompany the increase in skills of the actors of the territory in the field of the accompaniment of the associative life
To continue to support the strengthening of the structural capacities of associations in Saint-Martin

signing of the saint martin associative agreement


For more information, please contact Damien Bauchau.

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