Statia Wastewater Research Project

Wastewater treatment plant


March 2023


Saint Eustatius


Water and Waste


Public Entity of Saint Eustatius

Based on the objectives of the Nature Environment Policy Plan (NMBP), effective research-based strategies for wastewater management must be drawn up for St Eustatius by 2024 and, where possible, implemented. The aim is to significantly reduce the nutrient level in groundwater and coastal areas by 2030, through adequate and effective wastewater treatment, with the ultimate goal being to conserve and restore the unique and important nature of the Caribbean Netherlands and to build resilient ecosystems, allowing sustainable use.

Unite Caribbean will conduct an assessment of the existing wastewater treatment systems across the islands, identifying design and operational challenges. Based on this assessment a recommendations report will be prepared with the aim of improving the treatment systems to meet the requirements set forth in the Nature Environment Policy Plan (2020) for the Caribbean Netherlands. The recommendations report will comprise the following:

• Components of the system
• Cost of the system, including civil and mechanical works
• Auxiliary collection and transport systems (wastewater trucks or pipelines)
• Operations and Maintenance plans
• Sludge management plan
• Costs for the operations and maintenance of the system
• Training and Capacity building plan
• Monitoring Programme in accordance with the NEPP Caribbean Netherlands monitoring framework
• Schedule of Implementation
• Proposed changes to legislation in support of the wastewater treatment system

These recommendations will be presented at a validation workshop that will incorporate all relevant stakeholders so that their feedback and buy-in will be obtained.


For more information, please contact Ronald Roach.

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