Strengthening gender equality in local citizen participation and access to local public services in Haiti

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French Development Agency (AFD)

The aim of the Poto Mitan project is to strengthen gender equality in local governance in Haiti. The approach combines both the strengthening of citizen participation in Haitian territories and the improvement of access to and quality of deconcentrated public services. The empowerment of women and the structural reduction of inequalities between women and men will be the central and main cross-cutting objectives of this future project.

As part of the construction of the project, AFD commissioned Unite Caribbean in consortium with Insuco to carry out a mission to define the architecture of such a programme, to dimension its objectives and results, its operating mode and the resources to be mobilised.

More specifically, the mission aims to :

  1. Produce two diagnostic studies to provide complementary contextual qualitative and quantitative data and analysis to understand the following two topics i) the participation of civil society, in particular women, in local public debate and the good management of local public services; and on (ii) the functioning of local deconcentrated public services and their level of accessibility and delivery;
  2. Develop a feasibility study for the structuring of the Poto Mitan programme, integrating the recommendations resulting from the diagnostics.

The expected deliverables are as follows:

  1. A gender diagnosis of local citizen participation in Haiti;
  2. A gender diagnosis of public services in Haiti;
  3. The feasibility studý of the Poto Mitan programme.


For more information, please contact Damien Bauchau.

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