Technical assistance to the AMCC+ program in Haiti

technical assistance


July 2022




Environment and Climate Change


European Union, EASA Consulting

This project is being carried out under a consortium agreement with Agriconsulting Europe SA (AESA) . Unite Caribbean’s responsibility is to provide overall technical assistance for the implementation of the project. Project activities must contribute to the achievement of 5 results, broken down as follows:

Result 1: Strengthened climate governance

  • Development of the NCCP implementation strategy
  • Drafting a bill on climate change
  • Drawing up a technical and institutional capacity-building plan
  • Development of specialized university courses on climate change management in Haiti

Result 2: Integration of CC in planning and budgeting

  • Diagnosis and roadmap for integrating CC into national budget planning
  • Support for the integration of CC into sectoral public policy plans and budgets

Result 3: Improved ecosystem resilience

  • Innovative practices for adapting to climate change
  • Study on capitalizing on experience of innovative actions and extension work

Result 4: Reduced climate risks in coastal areas

  • Development of the integrated coastal zone management plan
  • Study on disaster reduction and resilience
  • Study on awareness and research for mangrove restoration

Result 5: Energy security for rural households

  • Studies on energy conversion to renewable energies
  • Recommendations to encourage the production and marketing of clean-technology renewable fuels
  • Technical assistance for eco-friendly charcoal certification activities


For further information, please contact Odré Valbrun.

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