Study on the management of the Haitian Urban Space








Comité Interministériel d'Aménagement du Territoire (Haiti), EDF

Unite Caribbean, in partnership with Esa Consultance, carried out an operational study on urban space management in Haiti in six of the country’s major cities (Port-au-Prince, Cap haïtien, Carrefour, Les Cayes, Camp Perrin, Millot).

This study has three objectives:

  • 1. To document the practices and actors of city management with regard to the different levels of elected officials and central government institutions, as well as the expectations of certain private actors with regard to the basic elements of city management;
  • 2. To identify specific elements of legislation and regulations applicable to the different sizes of cities;
  • 3. Structure the debate around the practices and new standards to be put in place, both at the time of the diagnosis and at the time of the formulation of the proposals.

The work carried out is based on three main areas:

  • 1. To understand all the factors and operational elements in urban management, after the actors concerned in the field, in order to have a complete diagnosis of the current situation in terms of the management of Haitian urban space
  • 2. To analyse the situation with regard to sociological, economic, budgetary, legal, spatial, functional and governance criteria in order to be able to draw up organisational and regulatory perspectives for better management of the urban area
  • 3. Formulate recommendations to feed proposals for regulatory and legislative reform specifically oriented towards the urban area

During the different phases of the study, Unite Caribbean produced several deliverables for its client: an operational, legal and budgetary diagnostic report, a cartographic study, a recommendation report, and a final compiled report.


For more information, contact Damien Bauchau.

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