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Adaptation of Caribbean local authorities to climate change with INTERREG


May - November 2018 (in progress)


Martinique; Guadeloupe; Dominica; St. Lucia


Local Governance; Climate Change

Intervention methods

Caribbean regional cooperation; Creation of a network of Caribbean expertise

Project management

ADEME, Guadeloupe Regional Directorate by delegation


Interreg Caraïbe program

Resources mobilized

A Caribbean team specialising in regional development issues, combining specialised skills in development project engineering, local public governance and climate change adaptation strategy:
- Thomas CHOLLET: President and co-founder of UNITE Caribbean, expert in development project engineering and specialist in supporting public actors in their international cooperation project 
- Damien BAUCHAU: Co-founding Director of UNITE Caribbean, expert in local public governance and Caribbean regional cooperation strategy and project 
- Kénel DELUSCA: Francophone Caribbean expert "Climate Vulnerability", teacher/researcher, member of the IPCC and UNFCCC
- Gladys CHRISTOPHE: Project Manager Climate Environment
The Caribbean region is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. Given the extent of the damage caused by this phenomenon, adaptation is becoming essential for the Caribbean, as a component of territorial resilience. Thus, initiatives aimed at carrying out adaptation activities or strategies have been carried out in various countries of the region but are rarely systematically shared among the island Caribbean countries, thus compromising their use for greater resilience. 

In Guadeloupe, the ADEME Regional Directorate has been supporting local authorities for several years in drawing up their climate change adaptation plans and has developed expertise on this subject, which is a reference at national level. This project proposes to pool the efforts of Caribbean local authorities (LCs) facing the same consequences of climate change in order to increase their adaptive capacity and improve their resilience to climate change.

The preparation of a funding application file for the Interreg Caraïbe programme requires in-depth work in terms of technical definition, strategic partnerships to be established with non-Community actors, and particular attention to the completeness of the administrative file.
The support provided by UNITE Caribbean allows ADEME Guadeloupe to have, in a few months, an innovative and sustainable regional cooperation programme and a funding application file that meets the requirements of the Interreg Caribbean Fund.

Our support service is based on four main areas of support for ADEME Guadeloupe:
- Support for the structuring of the overall technical project and its ERDF component
- Support for the search for non-Community partners and support for the structuring of EDF sub-projects
- Support in promoting the project to Guadeloupian and Caribbean decision-makers
- Preparation of the administrative file and documents relating to the request for financing At the end of this service, a complete file of the request for financing will be produced to be submitted by ADEME to the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Interreg Caribbean Programme.  
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