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Support for Caribbean Regional Integration / Climate Project (PAIRC-C)


2018 August - 2020 July


Martinique; Guadeloupe; Dominica; St. Lucia; Haiti


Climate Change

Intervention methods

Creation of a network of Caribbean expertise; Implementation of regional technical projects

Project management

French Embassy in Haiti; French Embassy in Saint Lucia


Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Resources mobilized

UNITE Caribbean Consultants mobilized 
The FSPI Project to Support Caribbean Regional Integration / Climate (PAIR2C) aims to strengthen Francophone and Creolophone regional integration in the Caribbean through technical assistance, capacity building and the structuring of a network of actors on climate resilience issues.  The ambition of this project is to provide a support and technical assistance fund to structure this integration for territories and actors who express an interest and needs in terms of climate resilience. 
- Target/beneficiary territories: Haiti, Dominica and Saint Lucia 
- Territories providing technical assistance and training: Guadeloupe & Martinique

Within the scope of this theme, the project aims to mobilize Caribbean engineering and technical assistance, particularly from the French West Indies, in response to the needs and initiatives of actors from Haiti, Dominica and Saint Lucia. 

UNITE Caribbean will be responsible for supporting project leaders to structure and finalize the requests and implement the actions.  Support for institutional project leaders or representatives of civil society (local authorities, government, agency, associations, groups) in the targeted territories is divided into three areas: 
1- Support for the implementation of technical assistance missions aimed at improving adaptation capacity and resilience to climate change;  
2 - Capacity building actions in the prevention and management of natural risks and the provision of French-speaking and Creole-speaking training tools;
3 - The structuring of a French-speaking and Creolophone digital network for capitalization and sharing of results. 

UNITE Caribbean ensures the implementation of all project activities in conjunction with the cooperation services of the French Embassies in Haiti and St. Lucia. 
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