Success for the first RePLAST OECS collection point!

On Saturday 16th, our team in Saint Lucia, supported by a dedicated volunteers, set up the first of the six RePLAST Collection Points, piloting the incentivized collection of plastic waste. In one day, around 442 kg of plastic bottles were collected.

Persons participating in the collection and delivery of plastics beverage containers were entitled to rewards via a Rewards card for which they can register online at To date, 339 people in Saint Lucia registered with the reward programme.

The RePLAST-OECS Project is creating a sustainable model for the efficient management of plastic waste which can be adopted in other Caribbean countries. It has been selected by Ubuntoo, the digital platform benchmarking and connecting worldwide sustainable solutions to showcase our innovative plastic waste management and recycling initiative in the Caribbean SIDS.

Read more on the project here.

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