Training of CSOs in Guadeloupe on regional cooperation issues

Training on Regional Cooperation for CSOs in Guadeloupe

Unite Caribbean developed and facilitated a 3-day training module dedicated to Guadeloupean public and associative actors. This module aimed to strengthen their skills in understanding the mechanisms of regional cooperation as well as to provide tools of understanding necessary to implement Caribbean cooperation projects.

The training was structured in 3 sequences enriched by presentation materials and interspersed with exchange sessions. The first sequence focused on cooperation issues in the Caribbean and was presented in the form of interactive games. The second sequence of the training module dealt with existing cooperation in the Caribbean and the different types of actors. It was implemented through a participatory workshop of information exchange and classification. And finally the third sequence focused on the identification of partners and funding. It was presented as a presentation and sharing session around the methods of identifying partners and good practices, available and mobilizable funding and tools to master for mobilizing funding.

The training and methodology delivered by Unite Caribbean thus enabled participants to understand the issues of cooperation in the Caribbean, and also to identify and mobilize potential partners for their project.

After the training Unite Caribbean provided participants with a pack of tools and contacts enabling them to build their own projects.

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