Training on the challenges of sports cooperation in the Caribbean

Formation CREPS sport et coopération

Unite Caribbean developed and facilitated a two-day training module for institutional actors in the sports sector in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana. This training was dedicated to the understanding of the stakes in terms of Caribbean regional cooperation in the sport sector and to the acquisition of skills in terms of setting up regional cooperation projects.

To develop this training module, Unite Caribbean relied on its perfect knowledge of cooperation mechanisms, actors and financial devices in the Caribbean.

This training was also structured thanks to the competences mobilized with the high level sport training centers in the Caribbean. Unite Caribbean has indeed relied on a panel of 4 speakers, specialists in the world of sports in the Caribbean, who have provided relevant operational elements for the structuring of cooperation projects.

Unite Caribbean has thus allowed the target audience to :

– master the Caribbean environment in its diversity and complexity

– have a map of public and private actors promoting sport in the French, English and Spanish speaking Caribbean;

– capitalize on feedback from sport cooperation projects in the Caribbean: set-up, financing, impacts;

– acquire tools and methods for project development through operational situations;

– To know the available financing mechanisms and master the mobilization strategies.

At the end of the training, Unite Caribbean provided the 15 participants with a pack of tools and contacts allowing them to build their own cooperation projects.

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