Two key partnerships for our FORPRO project

partnership agreement

Unite Caribbean recently signed two key partnership agreements to develop cooperation in professional training in the Caribbean.

A sound training provided by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

partnership SALCC

Unite Caribbean is very happy to officialise its partnership with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, the leading tertiary learning institution in Saint Lucia. We hope that this partnership will signal the start of long-lasting collaboration between Saint Lucia and her French Caribbean counterparts in the field of education and economic development.
The SALCC will play a key role in the FORPRO project, by offering the “French Gateway to Global Careers” Programme to 15 Saint Lucian students. Resolutely geared towards professional employability and entrepreneurship, the programme will focus on the key sectors of tourism and agriculture. Courses provided will be divided between theory and practical sessions.
The overall goal of the “French Gateway to Global Careers” Programme is to improve the mobility and economic development of Saint Lucian’s students and young entrepreneurs through cooperation with French overseas territories. Private sectors partners are being contacted to ensure the success of the programme.

The French touch: our partnership with the Alliance française in Saint Lucia

partnership Alliance française

The Alliance française network is acknowledged worldwide as major provider of quality professional training in French, delivering recognised certificates in French proficiency. Unite Caribbean is proud of include Alliance française in Saint Lucia into the FORPRO framework. Indeed, one of the main components of our TVET project is to teach technical skills in French to Saint Lucian’s students and young entrepreneurs to improve their mobility with the French overseas territories.
All students enrolled with the “French Gateway to Global Careers” programme will therefore benefit from a dedicated French training, focused on professional vocabulary related to the tourism and agricultural sectors. If they manage to pass the final exam, they will earn a recognised certificate from the Alliance Française.

FORPRO is funded by the French cooperation through the French Embassy for the OECS countries based in Saint Lucia. It aims to improve professional integration and increase exchanges between French and Saint Lucian vocational and higher education institutions.

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