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Consulting services to promote regional cooperation

The region holds the necessary knowledge and skills beyond the political, lingusitic, administrative or geographic frontiers. Now is the time for the Caribbean to collectively address the main challenges of the 21st century. Today, these barriers must fall to strengthen regional, inter-island cooperation.

This is the primary misssion of Unite Caribbean’s consultants: to support private and public stakeholders in their social, economic, environmental development ambitions while facing the challenges of climate change, water access, good governance or resources and waste management. Unite Caribbean proposes innovative, pragmatic Caribbean solutions to foster regional cooperation.

Knowledge and expertise

Unite Caribbean provides exceptional and specialized expertise in:

Our recent


Study on the management of the Haitian Urban Space

Unite Caribbean carried out a study on urban space management that aims to contribute to the economic and social development of Haiti and the resilience of its urban populations.

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Support Provided in Developing a Regional Co-operation Strategy 2021-2027 for Saint Martin

Unite Caribbean advised the Collectivité de Saint Martin in identifying strengths and assets for the development of a successful regional cooperation strategy and arranged proposals for cross-border projects.

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Positioning of a Global Player for the Programme “Caribbean Climate Resilience” in 12 Territories

Unite Caribbean developed a lobbying strategy and delivered a mapping of needs focused on the biodiversity, sustainable energy and climate change adaptation sectors consisting of Dutch, English and French overseas territories.

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