Design an Implementation Plan for Organic Waste Curbside Collection and Valorization – Pilot Project

Organic Waste Valorization


December 2023


Trinidad and Tobago


Waste and Water


Inter-American Development Bank

In Trinidad and Tobago, the waste management scenario faces significant challenges, including a lack of clear regulatory authority, outdated legislation, high waste collection costs, and inadequate disposal site management. The Solid Waste Management Company Ltd. (SWMCOL) has initiated the Municipal Curbside Recycling Program (MCRP) since 2016, targeting waste reduction and recycling of post-consumer beverage containers. Despite its success, the program aims to expand by incorporating organic waste collection and processing in additional municipalities. The proposed Technical Cooperation (TC) involves using digital technology, GIS, and apps to enhance logistics, along with implementing public education programs.

The TC’s objectives include designing and piloting curbside recycling programs focusing on the separate collection and composting of organic waste. This initiative aims to reduce landfill disposal, mitigate climate change through methane emission reduction, and promote the beneficial use of organic waste in agriculture and energy production. Notably, the TC emphasizes gender inclusivity in waste separation at the household level, acknowledging studies suggesting that households led by women are more likely to recycle. This gender perspective aims to encourage similar participation from male-headed households. Aligned with the Water and Sanitation Sector Framework Document and climate change considerations, the TC seeks to digitize solid waste management services, formalize and value informal recycling, and address the impact of climate change on landfills. Overall, the TC aligns with broader objectives focused on improving infrastructure service performance, quality, and sustainability.


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