Pilot Project to Support Associations in French Guiana


February 2024


French Guiana




Fondation de France

The Fondation de France has entrusted Unite Caribbean with the task of designing a pilot scheme to support, coach and develop tools and methods for associations in French Guiana. The fundamental aim of this initiative is to encourage the structuring and development of civil society by strengthening the skills of those involved in associations.

Drawing on the successful experience gained in Saint-Martin between 2019 and 2023, where Unite Caribbean provided support to voluntary organisations, the Fondation de France aims to set up a pilot scheme to support and strengthen the voluntary sector in French Guiana. This scheme will be tailored to the specific needs of the region and will be based on the shared observation that there is a lack of support for civil society organisations in French Guiana.

The intrinsic nature of this mission requires an exchange and collaboration with local players, including associations, support organisations and the relevant public institutions, in particular the Collectivit√© Territoriale de Guyane and the State’s public services. The service is fully aligned with the objectives and concept that the Fondation de France and its sheltered foundations aspire to achieve. It also responds to the need to strengthen Guyana’s associative ecosystem.


For more information, please contact Yorick Mames.

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