Study – Women in air transport sector in Haiti

Women in air transport sector in Haiti


August 2022






Ministère des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communications de Haïti; World Bank

Unite Caribbean conducted a diagnostic study focused on identifying obstacles to the recruitment, participation, and promotion of women in the aviation and air transport sector in Haiti. This study forms part of the Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project (CATCOP) – a series of World Bank-funded projects aimed at improving regional air transport connectivity in the Caribbean, enhancing aviation safety and resilience. CATCOP is currently being implemented in Haiti, Saint Lucia, and Grenada.

To successfully complete this mission, Unite Caribbean identified key stakeholders and actors, conducted a diagnostic study of women’s participation in the sector (focusing on elements like salary, responsibility charts, trajectories and promotions, access to training, etc.), assessed the overall state of play; validated the conclusions of the diagnosis; and formulated an action plan with operational recommendations.

The results of the diagnosis revealed that despite perceptions and appearances, the participation of women in Haiti’s aviation sector remains low. The findings further highlight the underestimation of the importance of gender-related issues in the workplace. Some of the broad thematic recommendations included: – Developing a shared and committed culture of professional equality between women and men;
– Integrating gender equality principles and procedures into human resources management processes;
– Improving gender diversity in all professions and services and reduce pay gaps; and
– Preventing and dealing with bullying, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence in the workplace.


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